16-2 Red Flag for A-10C

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Bring your trusty A-10C along and participate in the Red Flag exercise held in Nevada.

You will obviously need to own both the A-10C aircraft and the NTTR terrain modules to take part in this campaign.

The war game does not have a storyline, as such, but rather different mission setups for each day to test and train different skills for the participating forces. Nevertheless, the supporting material includes some between-mission thoughts from the pilot along with its detailed mission descriptions and combat area maps. The missions are fully voiced and about as scripted as one would expect from a meticulously planned training exercise. For the most part, the overarching exercise itself is the same in this campaign as it is in the 16-2 for F-15C campaign, only you are seeing it from the CAS rather than the CAP perspective.

As part of the proceedings, you are expected to not just make full use of your aircraft and other elements of your flight, but also adhere to the ingress/egress and safety rules and ROE of the exercise and of the NTTR as a whole.

The missions

The campaign puts you through 10 air-to-ground sorties of various tasking. For the most part, it is a matter of striking armoured targets while under the protection of separate CAS and SEAD elements, as opposed to more direct CAS duties. There are lots of enemy air and SAM threats backing up the ground units, so staying under the protective cover of friendly units is a constant need.

  • Arrival at Nellis AFB.
  • Familiarisation of the Sally corridor and the FEBA.
  • Artillery interdiction across the FEBA.
  • Interdiction of armoured battalion along the FEBA.
  • Night-time interdiction of T-90 tank battalion across the FEBA.
  • Ground sweep against artillery and tank companies deep inside enemy territory.
  • Ground sweep against tank companies inside SAM threat range.
  • CSAR support deep inside enemy territory.
  • Ground sweep against tank companies inside SAM threat range.
  • Ground sweep against artillery and tanks under heavy CAP protection.

All the combat missions start and end at Nellis AFB and requires navigation to the combat area. While the A-10C's navigation suite makes this a fairly trivial task, it must be done with package timings in mind to not leave you exposed without cover — the Hog is not exactly a speed demon, so making up for lost time to get on station is not an easy task. The strikes themselves are made easier by ubiquitous JTAC presence, which of course at the same time adds its own layer of complexity to the proceedings.

Mission briefing.

More information

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