F-14 Tomcat

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AlphaIcon.png This is an alpha module.

This module is still being developed and is missing central features and equipment options. While it is playable, it may have major bugs, and procedures may have inconsistent or unexpected results. The intrepid and very interested may want to buy it; others should probably wait for a more stable or complete release.

Finally, you can do some of that pilot shit.


  • Jester AI — a virtual RIO that helps you focus on not flying into things.
  • A wide array of weapons, including the mythical AIM-54 Phoenix
  • LANTIRN pods for that extra precision punch.

Missing features

  • The A variant, for those who really want to rough it out.
  • The TARPS reconnaissance pod for photography enthusiasts.

Flying the F-14

Cockpit overview

Getting into the air

Shooting something

Links and files

More information

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