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Welcome to the Air Goons wiki. IL-2, Falcon BMS, and DCS World wiki project for goons. The goal of this is to make guides for our community. We try to fly coop missions on the weekends, and often outside that, and try to cultivate easy information and assistance to new people so that our flight sim community can keep growing.

The Something Awful community at a larger scale, and ours along with it, has always prided itself on inclusivity, tolerance, progressiveness, and friendliness to fellow goons trying to learn. This is no different. We do not tolerate bigots, racists, or people who would make others make uncomfortable or that would make anyone else feel unwelcome. We aren't here to frown on you, we don't pile up to make fun of beginners, and our first and foremost goal is to help YOU achieve your goals in becoming a proficient virtual pilot. Resources in this wiki are compiled to assist you in that. Many of it seems daunting at first, especially if this is your first foray into all of this. However, it's important to remember that the concepts of aviation in general, and more specifically military aviation, are complex, in-depth, and thorough. This isn't something you will learn overnight, and it most certainly will require you to put in effort and initiative on your learning journey. Especially in the beginning, it means watching Youtube-tutorials, and learning basic guides to understand it all, along with researching your chosen controller and its scheme. Our forums, and Discord channel, are there 24 hours of every day to assist you, but help them help you, too.

And our final, and most important rule: Don't be an asshole, and be tolerant of all kinds of people.

The main focus

The F-16 sim

Falcon Benchmark Simulator

World War II propellers

IL-2 Sturmovik: Great Battles

The nitty gritty infantry

Arma 3

Our Standard Operating Procedures that help you become a better pilot. This is not a way to yell at you when you flicked the wrong lights, this is to help you become a better pilot, and it is a learning tool.

An example of our weekend mission: Weekend Mission. We have now moved away from briefings of this style, and aim to provide a pseudo-realistic mission setup on a rolling basis.

DCS Modules

What Modules Goons Own

General Mil Aviation Concepts

See also: Guides


Lessons for some navigation and radio beacon tutorials

Angle of Attack







Brevity Codes

Goon Content