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Basic Flight Training Qualification for A-10C

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Operating out of Batumi, Georgia, this campaign will teach you the fundamentals of flying the A-10C. It is the first the sequence of qualifying campaigns, followed by AATQ and TTQ, offering increasingly difficult tests of flying and operational skills in the aircraft.

This is not a storyline campaign — it is exactly what it says on the tin: a qualification course, in large part based on actual 11-2 instruction evaluation criteria. Your progression to the next mission relies on passing specified criteria in terms of performing the tasks demanded of you, with precision and to the letter. The campaign includes an amplified checklist that goes through all the steps you need to learn and perform, and each mission presents a set of criteria for its different qualification levels. Having the checklist handy, either separate to the game or converted to a in-game kneeboard, is almost a requirement. Skipping “unnecessary” steps because it does not make any real difference in the simulation is not acceptable here.

The instructions (and admonitions when you fail) are voiced, but as this is a slice of flight school, do not expect any drama or high-quality stage productions.

The missions

Each of the 12 qualification steps consists of a practice session and a qualification session. This being the basic course, the tasks themselves hardly even take you beyond the traffic pattern of Batumi airport, yet the level of attention you are asked to give to them are on a very different level from your average A-10C flying experience where the action starts log after any of these tasks have been dealt with.

Better read up…

You will be tested on:

  • Ground handling: preflight, startup, taxiing, instrument checks, parking, shutdown.
  • Take-off and EFATO (engine failure after t-o): maintaining direction, rotation speed and attitude, take-off checks, maintaining glide and selecting landing area.
  • Pattern flying: maintaining track, altitude and airspeed; departing and rejoining the track.
  • Approach and landing: attaining and maintaining accurate airspeed, glide path and routing; smooth landings; touch-and-go procedures.
  • Basic manoeuvres: climbing and descending at constant attitude and speed; high and low speed level flight and level turns at constant speed.
  • Advanced manoeuvres: clearing turns, spin and stall recovery, spiral dives, lazy eights, forced landings.
  • Aerobatics: Immelman turns, split-s, loop, barrel roll, cloverleaf, aerobatic sequencing.
  • Emergencies: clearing turns, air restart, emergency response, manual reversion landing.
  • ILS: intercepting glideslope, landing, touch-and-go, overshoot procedures.
  • IFR navigation: waypoint recording, TACAN landing.
  • Flying as wingman: maintaining station, meeting TOT, responding to instructions.
  • Low-level flying.

Each lesson builds on the previous ones, and at the end of each mission, you will be grade with a pass or fail (or qualified or non-qualified) on the learning tasks for that segment.

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