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Fish in a Barrel

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An escalating multiplayer strike mission in the Syria theatre for up to 4× AV-8B, 4× AJS-37, and 4× Ka-50.


On-board VHF radios on all aircraft have been preset to the following channels:

1: Intra-flight (124MHz / 224 MHz)
2: Lar ATC (127.35 MHz / 250.05 MHz)
3: Havadarya ATC (123.15 MHz / 251.3 MHz)
4: Kish International ATC (121.65 MHz / 250.65 MHz)
5: Qeshm Island ATC (118.05 MHz / 250.15 MHz)
19: GCI (138 Mhz)

Friendly CAP is available along the southern border, as are air defence batteries concentrated around Bandar Lengeh, Bandar Abbas, and Qeshm Island.


Cold start at 0600
Flight times from starting bases to assembly area, and from assembly area to strike zone yields an estimated time on target of 0930 depending on the level of coordination within the strike package.

Weather: overcast with the main cloud layer at 6,500–8,000ft. Ground wind speeds at 6-8m/s.


General concept

Mission file

Fish in a barrel.miz

What's with that name?