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2018-07-07 Hoggit goonrush

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Weekly Digital Combat Simulator Game.
1700 UTC, Saturday the 7th of July. Assemble at AirGoons Discord.

This saturday, we shall do a Goonrush on Reddit's Hoggit Server, it will be running the dynamic PvE-campaign “Georgia at War” that is a dynamic war where airfields have to be captured, and emergent tasks to be performed. If you want to know how it works, I quickly linked in previous posts the video:

There is also SimpleRadioStandalone in use, which we will use, but we don't have to be on their Discord. We don't have to be on SRS either, but it will be handy for the amount of people, plus having an idea what happens around us.

General plan is for me to function as a GCI-AWACS through SRS. We will gather enough people to function as a BARCAP to a designated area so that the area will have always atleast a handful of planes doing BARCAP, while some of us will be returning to base, or coming back with fresh loadouts. We'll most likely pair up people in simple pairs to help people in dogfights, and we'll use Mirage 2000's or F-15C Eagles. The German MiG-29G is available, but there are no labels on the server, and the Computer Enemy uses 29s a lot, so it will be very confusing in a furball.

The BARCAP should allow us to have some sort of protection over the general area, so the other half of us can fly CAS planes, doing Battlefield Air Interdiction to the hotspots that any given situation on the dynamic campaign has on. There are helicopters available for troop transport that are used for airfield capture, also. In addition, Frogfoots can perform SEAD.

If people want, they can also use carrier planes such as Harrier and Hornet. However, I'm strongly recommending cohesion for this one. If you want to strictly do your own thing and fly whatever you ever want, no one's gonna tell you no, but you have 24 hours of every day available time to do that. Hopefully we can use mostly the same planes and do the same tasks, and stay somewhat grouped up.

The dynamic campaign varies in difficulty, and sometimes it gets hella hard over the FLOT, so it definitely isn't a pushover to beat back enemy air, or defeat their SAM's. When we flew there in a foursome couple days ago, the AI sent a hefty amount of planes to chase us, and the RWR was full of enemy.

The fights that start BVR often close into big furballs, and that’s how we lose most of the planes. The furballs are hard with no labels, so AWACS guidance declaring targets, and just being a cyber ace will definitely help.

The HQ airfield had no AMRAAMs available, but the airfields that we capture, do. So on return from BARCAP, we can get better missiles from close up bases.