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DCS Wishlist

Gameplay improvements

Airport operations

  • Back-taxi and pushback ground crew commands for airports
  • “Repair” at airports put you back on concrete if you're in the grass

Sensible binding

  • Full bind functionality (button press/release states) exposed
  • Full bind functionality for everything — remove devs' ability to restrict inputs.
  • No device-specific bind functionality/bind lock-out
  • No attempted defaulting for unknown devices

Mission preparation and planning

  • Unified DTC interface and API for all aircraft (setting WPs, TPs, IPs, Fixpoits, markers, threat zones, weapon parameters, laser codes, countermeasure programs etc) for live play and also in the mission editor
  • Unified radio setting interface for all aircraft (and all radios) as part of the DTC setup



  • Part of X in/out of zone — being able to limit unit types (airplane, helo, ground, ship)
  • “For each…” functions for Part of X in/out of zone conditions.
  • Cockpit argument predicates available for both client and player aircraft
  • Relative speed/position predicates between different aircraft
  • Damage model trigger actions available for both client and player aircraft
  • Helper trigger actions (cockpit highlights; sky gates etc) available for clients
  • Helper trigger actions relative to other aircraft (highlight aircraft, draw gates relative to aircraft)

Group tasking

  • AI state settings (eg. invisibility, invulnerability) fully available for client and player aircraft
  • Unified task availability for movement tasks (follow, escort, formation, halt/deploy to template, switch waypoint) irrespective of unit type
  • Derived flight times/ToT take waypoint wait actions (eg. obit end time) into account

Unit placement

  • Static object activation/deactivation triggers
  • Static objects follow visibility rules of regular units
  • Static object groups and templates
  • Ability to place sea units on all water surfaces (not just at altitude 0)

Unit manipulation

  • Drag-box select of units. groups, statics, and waypoints (even across groups)
  • Align and distribute functions for above selectable objects
  • Delete specific unit in the middle of a group (preferably also insert unit in the middle)

Mission editor UI

  • Trigger, briefing, and mission goal interface panels adjust to actual screen size


  • Weather editor, including detailed weather preview.
  • Weather UI elements show actual weather parameters (eg position, size, ellipticity, angle, and combined pressure zones).
  • Weather parameters exposed to scripting

Airport settings

  • Scripting readout and control over airport functions (atc, lights, ils, damage state).
  • Scripting readout and control over warehouses.
  • Separation between warehouse maximum and current state (so warehouses can start out empty but fill up over time)
  • Ability to suppress warehouse messages

Incomplete features

  • Expose/complete existing placeable beacon objects and scripting (TACAN, RSBN, VOR, NDB — preferably also ILS, AWLS etc)
  • Enforce/allow difficulty settings that allow for client settings to take precedence