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The Polikarpov U-2VS (also known as the Po-2) is a collector biplane of IL-2 Sturmovik: Great Battles.

Hangar view


Important facts and figures

Engine management

The U-2 has a fixed-pitch prop and no cowling around the engine. Engine management is therefore simple: adjust the mixture as necessary, and make sure the engine doesn't overspeed.
Takeoff power time limit: 5 min.

Airspeed considerations

Vne: 240 km/h.
Stall speed: 64km/h.
Flat out top speed at sea level: 151 km/h.

Flying the U-2VS

Out of combat

Startup and taxi

  • Mixture 100%.
  • Throttle 10-15%.
  • Begin engine startup sequence.
  • The U-2 doesn't have brakes, so take that into account when taxiing.


  • Smoothly throttle up to full power.
  • The plane has a suprisingly long takeoff run when laden with bombs or rockets.
  • Be careful not to exceed the maximum allowed takeoff weight of 1350kg when setting up your plane.


  • Throttle back when diving, since the engine will otherwise overspeed.


  • No landing gear and no flaps make this a simple plane to land.

In combat


It is possible to engage ground targets either with your bombs or with rockets. You gunner can also potentially defend you from attacking planes. But to be clear, your best defense revolves around not being seen by the enemy.

In multi player, your value to the team is generated by spotting for your tanks and ground attackers. Or if you're brave try sneaky treetop bomb runs; just remember that a handful of 50kg bombs delivered to their target at 100km/h won't win any wars.


  • Low and slow means that it is extremely hard to spot.
  • Low and slow means only tiny windows of fire are possible for people attacking you.
  • It's easy to accurately drop bombs.
  • It's easy to spot enemy tanks for your team.


  • Fragile.
  • No real possibility to retaliate against attackers.
  • Not very agile.
  • Aiming rockets is hard, and gets even harder without a sight.

Flying against the U-2VS

Do this

Pick him apart at your leisure. He can't run.

Do not do this

Do not try to stay on his six. His maximum speed is at least 100km/h slower than your stall speed.


Female crew

The essential mod. How will people take you seriously in your little biplane if you aren't at least cosplaying the Night Witches ?

Rear turret

Your only serious means of self-defense. Also acts as your pocket AWACS. Just make sure to tell your gunner not to fire at will if you wish to avoid giving your position away. You gunner can also be told to engage ground targets, which held with spotting tanks. Give your gunner orders using the "§" key by default.

Wing-mounted ShKas

Useless. You don't have the energy to get shots on enemy planes. One MG won't do much to ground targets. The sight would be useful, but this mod can't be combined with rockets.

Bomb racks

Pick the load you feel like you will need. Don't forget to set 5 second fuses in the loadout screen!

Nav lights

If you want them, take them.

Landing light

For night flying only.

Artificial horizon

Not necessary in good weather.

Radio transmitter

Only if the scripted mission calls for it.


A lot of practice is necessary to use these well (no sight, remember), but the reward should be worth it.

Rivet counting

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