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PG SAM Scrimmage

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Persian Gulf SAM Scrimmage

A challenging race to break down an advanced IADS network. This proof of concept is designed to showcase and demonstrate the use of Skynet IADS, the initialization script is included in the mission zip. It is also a good SEAD training mission, with multiple challenging s


Thanks to a sabotage in Iran’s jet fuel supply, their entire aircraft fleet is presently grounded. To make up for the difference, they have deployed and activated all of their reserve SAMs, which are networked into a newly deployed integrated system. We know relatively little about this system, but it poses an immense threat to stability in the region. You are tasked with degrading the SAM system by destroying its command infrastructure and participating SAM sites. Target Command Centers are listed in the F10 map at Bandar Abbas and the Bushehr Power Plant, along with other targets of interest inland.

The Iranian Navy has also been dispatched at and around the strait, especially near the islands. While their submarines are not making an appearance, several of their ships have been positioned to augment coastal defense batteries. Of particular note is the Sahand, which is patrolling near the Tunb Islands: it is also contributing to the IADS network, and comes with its own dangerous SAM battery.

The locations of several batteries remain unknown to us, but are expected to be nearby airports and along the coast. They can most certainly be found within the detection radii of the P-19 EWR network, destroying a P-19 will cause nearby SAMs to lose situational awareness, forcing them to turn on.


Texaco 13Y 135AM - KC135 MPRS - Flying in Sector VK, to help reach the Choghadak sites.

8x F-18 4x F-16 4x JF-17 4x A-10 4x AV-8B 4x Su-25t 4x KA-50 All spawn at Al Minhad


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