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Mission Editor Countries

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Countries available in the mission editor
Flag Country Code Country
Flag-abk.png abk Abkhazia
Flag-dz.png dz Algeria
Flag-ao.png ao Angola
Flag-ar.png ar Argentina
Flag-au.png au Australia
Flag-at.png at Austria
Flag-bh.png bh Bahrain
Flag-by.png by Belarus
Flag-be.png be Belgium
Flag-br.png br Brazil
Flag-bg.png bg Bulgaria
Flag-ca.png ca Canada
Flag-cl.png cl Chile
Flag-cn.png cn China
Flag-cblue.png cblue Combined Joint Task Force Blue
Flag-cred.png cred Combined Joint Task Force Red
Flag-hr.png hr Croatia
Flag-cu.png cu Cuba
Flag-cz.png cz Czech Republic
Flag-dk.png dk Denmark
Flag-gdr.png gdr East Germany
Flag-eg.png eg Egypt
Flag-et.png et Ethiopia
Flag-fi.png fi Finland
Flag-fr.png fr France
Flag-ge.png ge Georgia
Flag-de.png de Germany
Flag-gr.png gr Greece
Flag-hn.png hn Honduras
Flag-hu.png hu Hungary
Flag-in.png in India
Flag-id.png id Indonesia
Flag-ins.png ins Insurgents
Flag-ir.png ir Iran
Flag-iq.png iq Iraq
Flag-il.png il Israel
Flag-isr.png isr Italian Social Republic
Flag-it.png it Italy
Flag-jp.png jp Japan
Flag-jo.png jo Jordan
Flag-kz.png kz Kazakhstan
Flag-kw.png kw Kuwait
Flag-lb.png lb Lebanon
Flag-ly.png ly Libya
Flag-my.png my Malaysia
Flag-mx.png mx Mexico
Flag-ma.png ma Morocco
Flag-na.png na Namibia
Flag-nl.png nl The Netherlands
Flag-kp.png kp North Korea
Flag-no.png no Norway
Flag-om.png om Oman
Flag-pk.png pk Pakistan
Flag-ph.png ph Philippines
Flag-pl.png pl Poland
Flag-pt.png pt Portugal
Flag-qa.png qa Qatar
Flag-rho.png rho Rhodesia
Flag-ro.png ro Romania
Flag-ru.png ru Russia
Flag-sa.png sa Saudi Arabia
Flag-rs.png rs Serbia
Flag-sk.png sk Slovakia
Flag-za.png za South Africa
Flag-kr.png kr South Korea
Flag-sos.png sos South Ossetia
Flag-es.png es Spain
Flag-sd.png sd Sudan
Flag-se.png se Sweden
Flag-ch.png ch Switzerland
Flag-sy.png sy Syria
Flag-th.png th Thailand
Flag-nazi.png nazi Third Reich
Flag-tn.png tn Tunisia
Flag-tr.png tr Turkey
Flag-ua.png ua Ukraine
Flag-dpko.png dpko United Nations Peacekeepers
Flag-ae.png ae United Arab Emirates
Flag-uk.png uk United Kingdom
Flag-us.png us USA
Flag-agg.png agg USAF Aggressor Squadron
Flag-ussr.png ussr USSR
Flag-ve.png ve Venezuela
Flag-vn.png vn Vietnam
Flag-ye.png ye Yemen
Flag-yug.png yug Yugoslavia