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Installing BMS

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This page has been marked for cleanup. It should be rewritten or removed entirely.

Our goonguide to getting the game installed.

Current Version

It is 4.33 U5.

You need a legal copy. Get it from Steam:

Or from GoG.

Installers for the incremental updates.

For now, direct download links for the installers.


Install a legit copy of Falcon 4.0 anywhere. Doesn't have to run, so don't waste SSD space. Run U1 of BMS install. This is your CONFIGURATION game folder. Not your game folder, thus it does not require SSD either. THis folder is the installaton that you use to configure, update, and modify your actual Falcon install.

Installing patches U2-U5

Install these into the same folder where you installed Falcon U1.


Now, after installing all patches, run the installer from the folder that you have them all installed from. Decide a location for your game, preferably SSD.

  1. Install U1
    1. Easiest is to place the setup at C:\Falcon BMS 4.33 U1 Setup
    2. Verify install works
    3. Verify version FALCON BMS 4.33.1 (x64) BUILD 15227
  2. Update U2
    1. Make sure you install the update into the U1 SETUP folder
    2. Rerun the setup and update to U2
    3. Verify version FALCON BMS 4.33.2 (x64) BUILD 15754
  3. Update U3
    1. Make sure you install the update into the U1 SETUP folder
    2. Rerun the setup and update to U3
    3. Configure for windowed mode
    4. Verify version FALCON BMS 4.33.3 (x64) BUILD 16068
  4. Update U4
    1. Make sure you install the update into the U1 SETUP folder
    2. Rerun the setup and update to U4
  5. Update U5
    1. Make sure you install the update into the U1 SETUP folder
    2. Rerun the setup and update to U5

After the installation is finished, don’t delete the setup folder, as you’ll need it to patch the game later. BMS always checks for a valid Falcon 4 install, so do not uninstall Falcon 4.

Patching BMS

To update to a newer version of BMS, download the update and apply it in the same manner as the Update 3 executable above, then run setup.exe again. The game will automatically detect your install and patch the game to the downloaded version.

Configuring BMS

After installing the game, run the shortcut to the game and click Configuration in the launcher. In this window are options that cannot be changed in game, like advanced graphics options and avionics options. The settings are down to personal preference. VKing recommends Color MFD, EPAF Radar Cues, Gray scale AG Radar, and Smaller HSD/Bullseye Symbols.

In the game, click Logbook at the top of the screen. This will show your player profile. Change both name and callsign to your nickname and pick a pilot picture and/or squadron patch if you like.

Go to the Setup screen and check “Radio calls use bullseye”, then configure the rest the way you like.

Alternate launcher - configuring the rest

To remain sane, get the alternate launcher:

This gives you immediate access to all the exe:s you want to run for BMS: the game itself, the IVC radio voice chat client, the configurator, and all the stuff you need if you ever want to run a server or create complex custom things like weather and mission info sheets.

Above all, the alternate launcher provides a modern way of binding your controls: just pick a function and input the right button or axis on your keyboard/joystick/whatever. In the olden days, this had to be done using complex and unintuitive excel sheets where you had to keep track of hardware ID numbers and similar silly things. The modern binding functionality of the launcher removes all of that (although some things, like triggering function on button releases, or using function switches, for more advanced HOTAS setups is still a bit complex).

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