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This page has been marked for cleanup. It should be rewritten or removed entirely.

Our dedicated server.

Currently we have none. However, here would be the required settings to connect, the up-to-date IP address and IVC address, and AISPY connection info. This information is placeholder from the now-dead goonserver.

General Information

BMS is no longer free, you must own and install a copy of Falcon 4.0 before BMS 4.33 U5 will install or run. This is checked each time BMS is started.

KTO Interactive Map - Click on the airfield icons to get information (TACAN, tower freqs, ILS, etc):

Connection Details

Server IP:

Bandwidth: 2000

64-bit Client

Theater: Korea Strong DPRK

IVC Enabled

No Passwords

Connection Instructions

Verify the correct THEATER is selected


Enter the Server IP into both of the red boxes

Set Connection Bandwidth and enable IVC

Click SAVE



Current Campaign

Korea Strong DPRK Theater - Rolling Fire Campaign

Default AI prioritization. Added 4 ROK Air Defense Brigades to defend the goonbase (total of 8 Patriot, 8 HAWK, 4 AAA battalions). Battalions are spread around the areas of Chuncheon City (north), Hoengsong Airbase (Goonbase), Chungju Airbase (southwest), and Yangpyeong City (west).

Player Squadrons

Hoengsong Airbase



F-15E-229 Strike Eagle

F/A-18C Hornet

F/A-18E Super Hornet

Mirage 2000EGM