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DCS Reference: Air Defences, Chinese

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Italicised units — ones with their number in parenthesis — are optional and not necessary for the functioning of the system. Beyond that, the numbers listed only indicate the doctrinal setups and all systems only require one of each mandatory unit to work if the mission designer wants to reduce the overall unit count. Units (mainly decorative) that can be found outside the Air Defence category have their category indicated in parentheses, as do decorations that only exist as static objects. For some of the more advanced systems, it is good practice to make the command post unit the first unit in the group, but some scripting setups such as Skynet-IADS will require specific units to be the the first one in the group in order for the scripting to work.

Units Qty Function Stores Range / Symbol
X× XX Detection: X–XXnm / X–XXkm
Detection alt.: X–XXft / X–XXm
Engagement X–XXnm / X–XXkm 
Engagement alt.:X–XX / X–XXm
Max speed: Mach XX
Reload / rearm Xs to ready new missile; XXs reload per missile;
XXs total missile ream time from a depleted state.
RoF: X rpm; XXs total gun rearm time from a depleted state.
Acquisition time 1s scan + Xs acquisition
Acquisition limits Radar “lock-on”: Xnm / XXkm. Notch: <10m/s (19kts, 36km/h) vrad.
Target tracking
Sensor scan coverage Radar: 360° horizontal × -15°–+60° vertical.
Aiming limits Visual: 360° horizontal × -15°–+80° vertical.
Time to ready 2s
Kill radius 5m Countermeasure resistance factor
Available to
Combined Joint Task Force Blue, but only with historical units turned off Combined Joint Task Force Red, but only with historical units turned off United Nations Peacekeepers, but only with historical units turned off USAF Aggressors, but only with historical units turned off