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An all-staff briefing is important to give all players a common operating picture. This presents the big picture, runs through mission specifics, emergencies, and gets the flights ready to go. This should not take the place of any flight level briefs which should conducted after the all-staff briefing.

All-Staff Briefing Flow

Big picture

This is a few sentences describing the general mission and its objective. This does not get into specifics of which flight is hitting what target, that information comes next.


“Today we are going to conduct a first-strike deep-strike, hitting two major airports and the enemy EWR and SAM networks."

One line flight briefs

Group any like flights together and in a single sentence for each grouping, describe in general their tasking.


“Panther flight is deep strike, targeting runways and hangars."


Run through the major frequencies used in the operation. Don't get into the intra-flight channels. Note any time changes are to be expected.


“Expect handoff from 261 Sling Shot to 262 Matzo Maker for all Attack elements at waypoint Delta”


This is key for situational awareness so everyone has a common operating picture. Not all planes can keep 100% of waypoints in their system but kneeboards for each flight should reflect internal to mission-wide tasking. ALL flights need an understanding of the waypoints. That said, don't bog down the group with a long description of waypoints. If possible the briefing lead should use a map as a visual aid. In some cases, where a single flight has a large number of flight-only waypoints, they can be omitted from the brief.


"Waypoint Alpha is Ramat David airbase. Waypoint Charlie is first strike target." Note: Be sure to include any amplifying information about any waypoints such as “Waypoint Bravo is the fence in point, expect comms handoff."

Brevity codewords and expected action

Run through ALL brevity codewords and their expected actions. If multiple flights have different expected actions, that can be pushed to the flight brief but only if it would take too much time in the briefing.


“Codeword Pepper indicates hostile aircraft inbound. Expected actions are to immediately take defensive actions until Sweep aircraft have cleared the threat. Sweep flight stand by for immediate tasking.”

Emergency procedures

Explain any emergency procedures such as escape vectors, contingencies, etc.


“Try to fly for friendly territory, otherwise eject. If able contact Sling Shot for direct routing to border.”

Airfield / Tower Brief

Brief any known takeoff order, taxi instructions, or other airfield related issues or concerns.

Final comments, questions, etc.