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2018-07-01 Kutaisi Gap

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Kutasi Gap, Kutasi Air Base, 420th Fighter Squadron "Hog Blazers", from Idaho Air National Guard. Goon Mission by Vähäkylä

Discord: https://discord.gg/NCJVhd6

Mission file: Kutasi_Gap_1986.miz

  • Hey it's you, you are Lieutenant Barry McDouche, age 22, from Boise, Idaho. You were a shitty frat boy and your dad forced you to do AF ROTC in College. Barely graduating, you entered Undergraduate Pilot Training, and somehow got your wings, mostly due to your State Senator Dad's influence. You are a failure at life, and a failure at being an officer. You don't remember half of what you were taught, and when your squadron mates talk about ILS and Approach Charts, you call them "fucking nerds". Now assigned into A-10s in Idaho ANG, it is 1986, and finally your deployment to the eastern border of Krasnovia is almost done. New Year Celebration Night was filled with eighties disco, and the handful of enlisted females in the airbase were relentlessly pursued by literally everyone. The dancing ultimately didn't impress anyone, and you and your mates got fairly drunk over the course of the night. The cassette player is still going on and on about Billie Jean, andyou hear some of the fireworks still going on outside.

  • Until the siren starts blaring. Holy shit, these are no fireworks! Your airbase is being shelled! GET THE FUCK TO THE PLANES!

It's basically a fucking miracle that you manage to find your flight suit, far less your helmet. You can barely see straight. You suit up, and after putting your helmet on, you are basically about to vomit right there and then. "Shit, I am so fucking fucked up, I can't even see straight. Fuck meee..." -you think, as It's Raining Men still pounds in your head.

  • This is not the face of a man who knows what he is doing.

You "run" out to from the second story of pilot quarters, and you see this:

  • Luckily the crew chiefs had kept them warm for early morning ferry flight. Get in the cockpit, and defeant the Krasnovian invading ground troops!

Get the planes off the ground, and dodge the mortar fire. Defeat the invading forces.

  • Picture taken by a citizen from our side of the border:

  • Luckily conventional airborne operations are not outdated, and some people are baller enough to be airborne. A small recce team is still in the foothills after conducting a training jump with 173rd Airborne, and them and their Humvee are available for assist and Forward Observing. They are mostly immobile due to a spinal injury suffered by their medic, but the team is very much able to still spot targets.

In another miracle, you climb into the cockpit. They all depend on you. Sadly, you are just in the wrong person, at the wrong time, and you are completely wrong man for the job. You notice that you have wet your flightsuit. The canopy closes.

So what is this? Hell yah, get in and fly with us nerd.

DCS World

Goon Mission, Sunday 1st July, 1700 UTC.

Planes available: FC3 variant of A-10A, A-10C, and the free SU-25T.

One human JTAC for putting out smoke grenades, and guiding planes in.

The Frogfoots are available for those who don't own any modules but it is strongly encouraged to use the A10s if you own them, they are the theme of this mission. So if you own either A or C model, please use it, but naturally can't force anyone.

This is CAS only, there are no enemy air planes in the area. There might be some enemy helicopters, but it is mostly hordes of enemy ground troops, and armor. Only very few manpads systems or AA guns are present, but most vehicles have some sort of self defence machinegun, so it is not totally threat free enviroment. After you dull the attack, the task is to destroy the nearby ammunition storages. Distance from our airbase to enemy troops is only 5 nautical miles.