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This is a list of common acronyms you may run across in AirGoons


Main article: Tasking
Acronym Meaning
AI Air Interdiction
BARCAP BARrier Combat Air Patrol
CAP Combat Air Patrol
CAS Close Air Support
CSAR Combat Search And Rescue
DCA Defensive Counter Air
DEAD Destruction of Enemy Air Defenses
HAVCAP High Asset Value Combat Air Patrol
OCA Offensive Counter Air
RESCAP REScue Combat Air Patrol
SEAD Suppression of Enemy Air Defenses
TARCAP TARget Combat Air Patrol
TASMO Tactical Air Support for Maritime Operations


Main article: Mission Plans
Acronym Meaning
IP Initial Point
CP Contact Point
ECP Egress Control Point
FFA Free Fire Area
RFA Restrictive Fire Area
ROA Restricted Operations Area
ROZ Restricted Operations Zone
FLOT Forward Line of Own Troops


Acronym Meaning
(A)FAC (Airbourne) Forward Air Control
AEW&C Airbourne Early Warning and Control
ATC Air Traffic Control
AWACS Airbourne Warning And Control System
BM Battle Management
C2 Command and Control
GCI Ground Controlled Intercept
JTAC Joint Terminal Air Controller

Other acronyms

Acronym Meaning
ATO Air Tasking Order
EW Electronic Warfare
EWAR Electronic WARfare
SA Situational Awareness